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MK7 ST Clutch pedal sticking


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Ive got a 2014 Fiesta St, I was parking up in asda and the clutch pedal stayed to the floor, it was fine driving up till then.. managed to pull the pedal up and pressed it again a few times an it stuck again.  On the drive home it didnt stay to the floor but it did seem to raise back slower than normal and doesnt feel quite right.  Is this likely the slave cylinder or a common fault ? and if the clutch is not sticking all the time will ford look at it ? as the warranty runs out in 3 weeks. 

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Even if the fault has disappeared, book it into Ford as soon as you can, make sure you tell them exactly what the fault is.  Even if they find nothing wrong, you have it on record that you told them about it during the warranty period, so if the fault returns afterwards you can argue that they should have found and fixed the problem when you first took it to them.  

That's their job. 

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