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Whats The Speed Limit

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A friend of mine was driving down a road when those average speed cameras came into view. They were active because the signs saying they're not working weren't there.

My friend was unsure whether to slow down or not as there was No speed limit signs. The road was a 60mph road.

A distance down the road where roadworks were taking place and at the end of the possible speed reduced limit a 40 mph sign was there.

Note it was the Only speed limit sign yet it was at the end of the roadworks and suprise suprise where a camera was.

So. If there's No speed reduced limit sign there what is the speed limit in the average speed area where the roadworks are?

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The road speed is whatever is specified for road type.
A single lane dual carriageway with widely spaced lighting should be 60 mph unless a visible restriction is displayed.
By law a gateway speed sign must be displayed if a variation is applied, only cancelled when the national speed limit sign is posted.
If the road is operating under a reduced limit then any conflicting signs must be removed or adequately covered.

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Just as I thought. So it seems someone had neglected to put up the reduced speed limit sign at the beginning of the roadworks and reminder signs partway through the roadworks.

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if proper signage is not in place prior to , and for the duration of , any roadworks - then any reduction in the speed limit cannot be enforced regardless of whether a camera is present or not

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