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Hi, a newbie here. My Corsa CDTI 1.7 Sri 3 dr reached my planned sale mileage of 90k miles. Ford garages were desperate to clear showroom 2017 Ecoboost 1.0 Fiesta 100’s to make way for the New Fiesta, and all the reviews said what fun the former was to drive. OK, so it’s 28 bhp less than the Corsa but 200kg less as well, so I gave one a (supervised) test drive and bought one for 10k from garage. It came a few days ago.

Oh dear…


Where is the ‘foot to the floor’ power?    Why can’t I fit a sat-nav anywhere on the acres of high front dashboard?  Why does the windscreen turn every point of light into a chequer-board at night?  Why can the DAB only pick up 3 stations?  Ugh – it’s a start/stop  - it didn’t say that on the advert.  Why do I have to turn off the nanny-state Eco every time I drive (and when I turn it OFF, why does the light come ON?).  Extra urban 67 mpg?- Ha ha.  I never thought I'd miss the cruise control so much, and it’ll invalidate the warranty if I fit one. I could go on, but you get the message...  Gimme back my Corsa, please. This feels like a milkfloat in comparison.

Can anyone tell me something good about the Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec 100 to cheer me up?

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Yes. The girls you pick up in a fiesta have at least hit puberty. It isn't a glorified Peugeot. Fiestas have much better features and look far better in and out imo.

You do still drive a 1.0L car, a small turbo doesn't make it a Subaru. These engines are rev happy, you don't get much power without being at least at 2000 rpm. DAB is awful and outdated anyway, stick to fm. The windscreen has the quick clear thing, you don't notice it much after a while really. Nice feature, but a little pointless without every window having it. You must just be used to driving a diesel, 700cc makes a massive difference, especially when neither is naturally aspirated.

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I know it's a smaller engine but the Fiesta's a lighter car (by about the same percentage) so I expected the acceleration would be about the same. A 1.7 diesel delivers at 1300 upwards, but if I need to push the Ecoboost revs to get the same sort of power then so be it (takes me back to the days of my Kawasaki, red-lined at 9000 :smile:)

Don't want a Subaru - they just sit at the lights revving to show off, that's a sad way to get your kicks.

Don't want to pick up the younger females - I'm a teacher!

Sorry, no cruise control, I'll just use a brick from the garden instead.

I have a 28 mile commute to work, mostly on a very fast dual carriageway so it would have been nice to have something which could shrug that off with the ease that the Corsa Sri did - quietly drifting into three figures on an empty road.

I'm sure the Fiesta will be fine for supermarketing and early morning driving when the clocks go back, but I did find myself taking a peek at the Mazdas on the Net last night, just for the weekends!

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The auto stop-start can be turned off using the button marked "A" at the bottom of the centre console. The light will come on to let you know the function has been disengaged. I thought it was weird at first, but now have got use to it and actually like it. The Eco button next to it allows the engine to produce better fuel economy, however it also reduces performance throttle response and the efficiency of the aircon fan. If it is lit (green on mine), it means it is on. To get better performance turn it off, it's unlikely to match the in gear times of your 1.7SRi, unless you have the 125 or 140 engine, but 0-62 should be similar to the diesel. Turning it off improved the drivability of the car for me, 100% and I get better fuel economy, because I don't have to hold the accelerator to the floor for as long as I previously had to (I have the 125PS engine)

It took a while for me to like my Fiesta having downsized from a Focus ST, but the handling is fine and the ride comfortable. it's a much easier car to drive, especially around town and in tight spaces. I don't listen to the radio so can't comment on the DAB to any great extent, but I have tuned in about 2 dozen stations plus FM. I can understand your frustration about cruise control, I didn't have it on the Focus and love it on the Fiesta.

Remember the car you have is a petrol engine and you won't find the low down torque of a diesel engine, so the car will feel sluggish at low revs and around town. I struggled for ages with the loss of the low down torque from my 2.5litre turbo engine and I suppose that power had made me lazy with the gears. You simply have to adapt your driving style and that could take a while if you owned your Corsa for 90k miles, but you will and then you'll start to like it. It's a new car at the moment so let the engine loosen up a bit during the run-in period and then get it revving. Keep your foot down, let the revs rise and you will be surprised, especially at how long you can hold a gear compared to your previous diesel before having to snatch another.

A word of caution, I've found front end grip to be a little lacking, so don't accelerate too hard into, or mid corner, it'll run pretty wide (unless that's just me, like you, comparing the Fiesta to our previous cars)

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From the Sunday Times:

The Fiesta we tested had a 1-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine that puts out just 98bhp. That didn’t bode well. But it was a hoot, with enough oomph to make brisk progress, a rorty rasp and good manners on the motorway. There are more powerful versions of the EcoBoost engine, but this one — the cheapest — will be enough for most drivers’ needs. And it returned 51mpg in our hands.

Driving the Fiesta is like meeting up with your most fun friend for a night on the tiles: you’re guaranteed a great time. Ferrari and Porsche could learn a thing or two from the way its steering and suspension are set up. It has a precision and delicacy rarely found in cars at any price.

Yet when challenged with a six-hour motorway trip, the Fiesta feels assured, comfortable and relaxing. In some of its competitors you’d collapse in a heap at the end of such a drive.

If the Fiesta were judged on the driving experience alone, Ford would be assured of another smash hit

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Yes, I looked at lots of reviews for for the Ecoboost 1.0 and they all said the same as Tiexen's quote. But the reality of it is not what I'd expected. I'd even had an automatic Fiesta for a while when I had a leg in plaster and it was a real fun rocket with kick-down but it drank the petrol, which is what led me to buy the Corsa diesel Sri instead.

Maybe it's just that I've been a motorcyclist as well as car driver and don't expect to have to wait for speed to build up.

Cyprus, I think they've merged ECO and start/ stop into one button (mine's a June 2017, purchased August 2017 so it's probably one of the last to come out of the factories before retooling for the New 2017 Fiesta). There's a row of three buttons but two are blanked and don't push. The other one is the "@ OFF" button which disengages the start/stop. Manual only has a paragraph which refers to ECO button turning on Ecoselect, affecting engine behaviour, acceleration etc. "Your vehicle will remember the last selected mode whenever you start". Mine doesn't so a bit of duct tape might do the trick.

Well, I've bought it anyway, so there's not a lot I can do now. I'd asked the dealer whether it needed running in but he said no, but maybe I shouldn't thrash it for the first 1000 miles. It only took me four years to put 75,000 on my S/H Corsa so it won't take long. And I can always dream of labelling one of those spare buttons "Nitrous" ...:smile:


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