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Reverse camera, sony nav retrofit


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I have 5 inch mfd low and non OEM reverse camera. I've conneted video signal to green connector of screen, and config to MFD 5". The reverse camera work fine but when i change from gear R to N, D, the screen stuck in black for a while (30s). The button zoom, turning line.. are not work! Can you send the wirring that you've done?

The camera connector has 4 pin, i just use pin 1 and 2. What's pin 3 and 4??

The screen connector has 3 pin are not using, what'll connect to??

Thank you!

Here the video



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I think your find your problem is the fact that your camera is being powered from your reverse light ?????  This must be a constant 12 volt supply all the time the ignition is ON. 

The genuine camera uses a always live 12 volt supply. The system should show the camera after you come out of reverse gear and so if you have taken the power from the reverse lamp that will be your problem


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