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Mk6 rattle under car


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Hey guys to start with I've already discovered the problem and attempted to fix it myself .... so I started hearing like a clunking/rattling noise coming from underneath the car but I couldn't work out where it was coming from (passengers were saying drivers side but to me it was the opposite) I did have a look underneath and the exhaust didn't seem loose or anything , obviously the noise got worse and more consistent I literally took it to the garage this morning took the mechanic round the block and he was saying oh it's an old car it would be hard to tell what it is let it get worse first, I've got to work and literally looked underneath the car and saw the f**king heat shield in the middle of the car virtually hanging off , so I've just cable tied it back up for now until I can get some washers or something to prop them back up, i didn't think it was the heat shield because I had a previous car with a nackered shield and it could be heard even from starting the car so I thought it was something else but apparently not! 

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