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Fiesta ST 2 illuminated cill plates - half working


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New to the forum as just bought a 2015 (64 plate ) car this week and only half of the cill plates are lighting up on both passenger and drivers side.

I`ve found a useful video on youtube stating this is a common problem and due to the LED requireing re soldering inside and advising a ford warranty claim but others say they are only covered for 1 year.

I`m going to contact the garage to rectify under warranty today but as i suspect and the dont do it, i`ll gladly do it my self....


Question is however, how do you remove the cill plates to dismantle them to do the repair ?


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It's covered for 3 years as long as it's reported as an electrical issue and they don't try and fob you off that it's trim.

If you've only just bought it you have at least 6 months if it was from a business seller anyway.

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Yep, just booked in with Ford dealer this morning, cheers

They require 2 visits. 1st visit is just to confirm the issue and plug it in to computer and they want to see the service book is up to date so I can claim

Then will then order the replacements and I will have to go back a 2nd time for them to get fitted

As long as they get done.

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