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Upgrade Intercooler for Ford Fiesta 1.0 100ps


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Just after some advice, I have a ford fiesta zetec 100ps. I have done a few performance mods such as new cat back exhaust system and a new induction kit with the silicone hose pipe. I am getting the Bluefin chip remap as well, but was wondering if I should upgrade to the Irtec intercooler? Any advice would help thanks

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Any larger intercooler will assist with the map attaining it's gains, especially in warmer weather. But most stage 1 maps don't "need" a larger intercooler. I found the secondary induction hose improved throttle response on the Bluefin map for my 125PS. 

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Hey there I just put a dual pass on my car I have a full project page you can look at for ideas click to back page to see recent mods with intercooler and remap


I had bluefin and if you are going for a remap a would save and get revo instead I switched because It gave me gearbox issues with synchro via bluefin and you won't see much gains at all except throttle response from induction that's all even bluefin told me not to bother

revo is so much different the power curve is so much smoother and way its delivered is easier on your car and no issues I know of 4 people that went from bluefin to revo and 2 of them had issues and had to keep going back to bluefin to change it that's not including me infact one of them is on this forum @M4RC He will tell you the same 

With revo you can get sps module which I have plug it in and has 4 stages 

1.Standard mode 2.standard fuel 3.99octane fuel and my favourite 4.anti theft mode which even if you had your own key it disables the car lol 

The car has 3 major restrictions 

Induction which you have all good 


Exhaust cat back will help a tiny bit but needs a sports cat to be legal to help or naughty side decat 


My opinion buddy is if going stage 1 bluefin dont bother but beware of torque and issues buddy

If going for revo I have induction kit all hoses with hard pipe and cat back custom made and  I made 167bhp with 199ft lb on dyno without intercooler! But they suggested if i want to do more than 3 boosts under hard acceleration my temps were creeping up alot  so can do without intercooler but less cold air gets into turbo so about 3 to 4 runs max of heavy boosting 

Here is pic of my intercooler 598abca39d2a7_WhatsAppImage2017-08-09at07_46.50(3).thumb.jpeg.c8cc2f5edbd87fe5af79d966c8c45196.jpeg598abca17867b_WhatsAppImage2017-08-09at07_46.51(1).thumb.jpeg.30d3d5817409dbfa3ff8d0176225e025.jpeg

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