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Program fiesta for bluetooth


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Pretty sure all you need is a modified elm 327 and to download forscan (free). Should be a case of ticking a box next to enablr bluetooth and pressing save.

If that doesn't do it then last resort is to find someone with ford IDS (it's a fair few hundred quid to buy it last time I checked).

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I've heard modded elm only works on the focus, not the fiesta. 

The options that need in the ford IDS is along the lines of bt VC high with iPod function

Ford dealer can do it, but a lot of them are clueless with anything that doesn't burn or move. They might need some specific details on what to do. Should cost about 15-30 mins labour if you get a knowledgeable one with the electronic side of things / changing the car configuration file. 


Here's my notes from when I upgraded my previous fiesta:


Update display (FDIM), audio (ACM) via IDS if required

 Get car-config

 Change USB Accessory Unit (byte 154) to With USB Unit and iPod function (04)

 Bluetooth Handsfree (byte 157) to BT/VC Phone Interface + USB connect (05)

 Upload car config back to car

Config notes : 
Possibly in IDS Toolbox - > Module Programming (modifies ECU)
 “Module Programming > Programmable Parameters > Car Configuration Parameter(s) under Vehicle 
-Retrieve the vehicle configuration data
-View the vehicle configuration data
-Modify and reinstate the vehicle data
-Retrieve FordEtis derived ASBUILT data
-Configure vehicle with back-up data”
For manual asbuilt (CCC format) XML modification:
Change to

For dropdown asbuilt modification:
USB Accessory Unit: Select “With USB Unit and iPod function”
Bluetooth Handsfree: Select “BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect”

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6 hours ago, jbell said:

I've heard modded elm only works on the focus, not the fiesta. 

Nope, my modified Elm327 works just fine with forscan on my Fiesta.

As long as somebody has done this upgrade before and made a method on how to do it then forscan is easy enough to anybody who can use a pc. Just make sure the option is there before you buy one.

Ford dealers probably won't touch it, you'd need to find somebody who has bought an IDS unit with the software. I've seen some of these units cost over £1000, however there are some chinese knock offs on ebay for under £200.

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