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Blue smoke 1.6TDCI Focus


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Hello,   If i rev my engine when cold(ish) it stutters/stops revving for a split second at 3200RPM then continues to rev,  If i hold the revs at 3200 I get blue smoke out of the exhaust also the revs do not sit at 3200 it sways from 3200 - 3000.

Changed fuel filter 

Replace all injector seals (was Leaking)

Any advice suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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not sure, but could this be glowplugs?.  when i first had my a diesel i thought the glowplugs were only on when the glowplug light was on. But I now know that when the glowplug light goes off it means they are up to temperature and they will also continue to stay on for sometime longer to aid combustion and smooth running until the engine has warmed up a bit. So perhaps this means one or more glow plugs have failed (they do fail now and then).   I am not making myself out to be an expert here on this point

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On 22.8.2017. at 22:20, Liam121093 said:

Zdravo, ako okrenem motor kada je hladan(i) on zapinje/prestane da se okreće na delić sekunde na 3200 obrtaja u minuti, a zatim nastavi da se okreće, ako držim obrtaje na 3200, dobijam plavi dim iz izduvnih gasova, a takođe i obrtaji ne ostaju na 3200 koleba se od 3200 - 3000.

Promenjen filter goriva 

Zamenite sve zaptivke injektora (curile su)

Bilo koji savet bi bio veoma zahvalan.

I heave the same symtoms with my c max.Have you solved the problem?

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