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Engine size

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Hi all I have recently bought a 2010 mk7 1.6 petrol titanium, just a general question about the engine, I have had a mk1, mk3,mk4, mk5, mk6 and now mk mk7 all engines in the past have been 1.0L 1.1L, 1.25L so now my bigger beefier 1.6 is new to me, is this engine regarded as good compared to the 1.25 and 1.4 that were available at the time? Is it a decent reliable engine? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Eight years ago I decided to buy a new Mk7 Fiesta. I read (perhaps Honest John of the Daily Telegraph) that the 1.25 engine was particularly “sweet” and a test drive confirmed this. It purred smoothly along like a well-oiled sewing machine but I felt that it didn't have much power to spare.

No-one at that time had much to say about the 1.4 engine and I have no experience of it.

I ordered the 1.6 without having had a test drive and at first was a trifle disappointed. It was somehow “coarser” than the 1.25 and although more powerful it didn't seem exactly flexible. The driving experience was not enhanced by the suspension which was a bit firm for my taste. Everything changed after a time. The engine became smooth, more flexible and a smaller wheel size (see the thread “Wheel transplant”) helped with the ride comfort.

My conclusion is that the 1.6 engine of that vintage is wonderful. Much more than enough “oomph” for an old gentle driver like me. Reasonably economical with about 44mpg according to the on board computer. It uses no oil and nothing has gone wrong.

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