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Wayne Rooney arrested for drink driving!


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Woah that's a lot of cash for getting sweaty with 21 other men and hitting an inflated synthetic pigs bladder with his foot.

He could literally buy outright every week what it's going to take me 35 years to pay off and have change left over.


No I'm not jealous! What makes you think that?!

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I'm a man utd fan but i agree that these professionals should get punished & teach them a lesson. Also these players get so much money but so less common sense.

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What annoys me most is the obscene amount of money these sorts of people are paid, then they have the gall to come on TV and tell me, someone who earns in a year a tenth of what they earn in a week, that's a 520th of what they earn(!), that should really consider giving £3 pounds a month to water aid!!

Or you could give them £1000 a week and not even miss it you jumped up jug eared one who tosses.

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