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Sat Nav SD Card - New Zealand maps..

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Hello All, 

This is my first post here in the forum although I have been an S-Max owner since 2010.  At the start of this year we traded our 61reg on the new (66) S-Max Titanium Sport. It's a lovely car and we're very happy with it.  So much so that we've decided to take it back to New Zealand when we move back at the end of this year. Prior to the move I'm trying to get the satnav sorted so we can use it back in NZ but I'm facing many issues trying to understand what's possible.

We have the Sony Sync 2 system which has the Ford branded F5 GM5t-19h449-FA SD card.  Does any one know if this is a TomTom map?  Is the satnav system Sony too or something else?

  • The S-Max isn't offered in New Zealand - Ford NZ (who I've spoken to) can't confirm if the satnav will work, or could be made to work.  
  • Ford NZ don't know if a new Mondeo SD card would work as it's not something they can test.  They can't post me an SD card as it's only activated in-vehicle
  • Ford UK (premium rate Technical Support number) also cannot confirm if an SD card from a Mondeo (here in the UK) would work in an S-Max also here in the UK
  • TomTom have asked me to connect the Unit to my Mac and try to download a sample map from them.

I will be keeping my eye out for a broken Mondeo in New Zealand, to see if they could post the SD card and I'll probably purchased the TomTom NZ map and see if this works but other than this I'm not sure where to go from here.

Your advice or support would be greatly appreciated.



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