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1990 fiesta 1.4 ghia cvt

mike clarke

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I have joined your club as I own a 1990 fiesta 1.4 ghia with the cvt transmission,I am preparing it for mot as it failed on hazard light switchnot flashing,emmisions due to misfire and headlights set too high.I have cured misfire ( dead plug) but I need to reset mixture as running too rich. It needs drivers rear door painting as laquer has come off other than that the car is solid.I has low milage (under 40000 from memory ).

according to DVLA this is the only one of this model on their site because of the cvt transmission

What I would like to know is how much it is worth and if any enthusiasts would be interested in it

sorry I put this in the wrong catagory yesterday

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very difficult to value if there is not a steady flow of them being sold to compare.

The condition is going to be very relevant to the value, much more so than the mileage.  eg. has it ever been welded?   has it got rust on edges of sills etc been painted over with thick undersealer to disguise it (that being to its detriment).  is the upholstery worn. original style wheels / wheel trims etc. original stereo.  If all absolutely original and not messed about with, it could be quite desirable to someone. 

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There's a 1988 Fiesta Ghia 1.1 Mk2 with 35k miles and in "excellent" condition on Classic Cars for £1800 or near. I haven't posted the link as I don't know whether that is allowed on the forum, but the pictures show it to be Gold in colour and looks immaculate. It has lots of paperwork, including previous MOT's (useful for mileage confirmation). The price has been reduced.

I imagine yours is mk3, but it'll be similar


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