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Reliable turbo remanufacturers?


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Hi there!

My Mondeo MK4 TDCi 2011 seems to have turbo coming to it's end. Well, nearly 300 000 km mileage it's not a surprise. Actually should be quite good accomplishment for variable geometry turbo? Model is Garrett GTB1449VZ.

- Month by month louder whistle when accelerating
- Intermittent Limp Mode with low boost or overboost DTCs
- Forscan live data showing weird readings from VNT position and actuator demanded position values. First staying steady at 8-12% when cruising at 80 km/h and raising up to 95% when accelerating hard, then suddenly jumping to steady 90% and decreasing down to 25% when hitting throttle or releasing gas and engine braking = values going upside down, also louder whistle than when values "right way", some lag/thinking before car starts to gather speed, might even downshift one or two steps... values returning to "right way" either spontaneous or if not, then pumping gas quickly giving multiple adjustment commands to turbo and forcing actuator to move one way or another quickly.
- Once also 30 second period of blue smoke whenever even touching throttle, just after I started to pass truck at highway speeds, hitting hard throttle but because there was car coming towards me from behind hill, needed quickly to loose gas. cancel pass by and return to own lane.

Here in Finland bigger turboshops are just offering Garretts OEM replacement turbo for about 750-800€ (saying Garrett has strictly forbidden VNT turbo maintenance and will not take responsibility) and some quality workshops wanting something like 600€ for reman (not caring Garrett rules). Started to look reman turbos from GB and Germany, prices are WAY MUCH CHEAPER than in Finland. But there seems to be many and many turbo workshops in GB. 

So I'm asking for experiences and recommendations for reliable and good quality reman workshops!! :)

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13 hours ago, Mutti82 said:

So I'm asking for experiences and recommendations for reliable and good quality reman workshops!! :)

So far I have found workshops like London Turbocharger, Premierdiesel and Turboprofi24 (ebay)... any knowledge of these?

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