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Cruise Conrol Issue


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I love my S-Max, but I have a rather annoying fault in that when my cruise control works, it works perfectly. However it will go 4-5 days without working, the it will suddenly work for a week or two when the same thing will happen. I have taken it Ford, who have now looked at it twice under warranty, but annoyingly it has been working perfectly and given it back to me saying that they can't find a fault, and as such can't fix a fault they can't see.

Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.


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Any other issues when the cruise doesn't work?  Brake lights not working? (Brake pedal switch)  Jerkier gear changes if manual? (Clutch pedal switch)  Horn not working? (Steering wheel wiring issue) 

I would have expected some sort of intermittent fault code to be stored for the Ford diags to pick up with any sort of electrical or canbus fault though. 


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normally its either the buttons or the steering control module. but in either case it throws up a relevant dtc . ive replaced more control modules than buttons. 

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Forgot my login details, but it got gradually worse and stopped altogether. Ford replaced it, but had to drive to Holland with it working out 50% of the time. 

Now to see if anyone can help with my B-Max.....

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