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Mitchell Self

Fuel sensor problem

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I bought my 2016 1L zetec ecoboost at the end of September 2017. The first problem I had was the zircon was blowing warm air the first time used it and the local ford dealer found out that it needed a gas refill which cured it. Thanks ford.

Now I have a second problem. The fuel gauge is showing three quarter full when it is full. The local ford dealer checked it out today and said that it was working fine and the problem could be that the pump at the fuel station could be the problem and he sujested I try a different station. I did as he suggested and the pump switch off as soon as I started to fill up, proving that the tank is full.

When I got home I made a simple dip stick and used a piece of plastic tube pushed into the filler to make sure both valves where open. When I put the dip stick in it showed the tank was full.

Assuming the sensor is working ok does anyone know what else might be causing the problem.

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