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Android 7.0 stopping news feeds.


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I know a lot on here have Android phones but how do you stop the news feeds completely as when you swipe the screen from left to right

you have the weather at the top and loads of news feeds under it (guardian etc which i don't need or want,tried a few things but don't work.


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Click the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner of the story you're not interested in and click on the link that applies in the choices you are given ie Not interested in stories about Vauxhall 😉


You're newsfeed will evolve into stories you want to read.......... hopefully 😁

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All i have is Hide feed which then the same place say the Gardian still send another story,i also have customise feed and when i press

this i get on the bottom skip or continue,its like a setting page (turn on this setting on the top).

Not been on Android for ages so a bit slow on all the setting stuff,do i have to activate it to tick boxes  or something to say no.

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Just done it in 2 dam good ways,installed a new launcher Nova launcher and its an amazing thing,gives you the option to remove the bar

and customize it in many ways and also the new Firefox Browser (the new private one)Firefox focus which again is quick and a lot of blocking setting etc.

So all great,also stopped the Google app and disabled it as Google search goes through Firefox anyway.

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I know there a lot of Android people on here,any of you had problems on a app stopping other notification sounds like no sound when item ending on eBay or outbid

and amazon don't make a sound when item is being delivered,all setting are 100%.Im back to android after a few years and don't know all these problems.

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Ok here is a weird thing........Im a android novice but please read as i found this strange.

To do with notifications....................All setting on eBay app are all ticked and A1 as you will see when you read all of this.

I go onto eBay on my p.c/Laptop and put a few things in my Watch list,go onto App on phone and all there as they should be same account......But.

When the item is ending (15 minutes) i get no notification,no pop up on the screen,no sound not a thing only if i open the phone app the red dot to say i have notifications.

So do all the same on my p.c but  go onto phone and open each one i have in my watch list and unwatch then watch again and all work fine,pop up in middle of screen and sound.

Is this the only app that will do this or will i get the same off amazon etc and do any of you get the same,please feedback on this would be great.


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