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Buying this car, please tell me about it?

James Wason

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Hi there, im completely new to this forum. Im 19 yrs old and picking up my first car next week. Just looking for general advice on the car and any useful information/random comments at all really. Pros and cons or something like that. It's a Fiesta Style 3d 1.25 (2005). with 50k miles on it. Thanks

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The Mk6 Fiesta is a decent car tbh. :smile: 

Style trim is basic, as a first car it may not matter.  The 1.25 engine is the smallest available in the Mk6, it's certainly not quick, and it's not really any more efficient than a 1.4 petrol, but the insurance should be cheaper which I guess is your biggest concern atm.  There aren't any major reliability issues with them.  

The tilt handles on 3 door seats are constantly breaking, so check they are both working when you go to view the car.  Make sure it's got decent service history and a long MOT without a load of MOT advisories.  Not really sure what else to say unless there's anything specific you were wondering about.

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