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Need help choosing engine oil, please


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I recently bought a new 2018 Fiesta Zetec 1.1L.  It's inevitably using a small amount of engine oil while it's still new so I'd like to keep a small bottle of oil handy for top-ups. 

The Ford handbook says to use oil that meets the Ford spec: WSS-M2C948-B  or (if that's not available), oil that meets the spec:  ACEA C2

The problem is that some suppliers, eg Halfords, list Mobil Super 3000 as meeting the Ford spec but state ACEA A1/B1   - Not C2.

Other suppliers, eg Carparts4less, list Triple QX as  ACEA A1/B1 with no mention of the Ford spec.

Although I suspect either of those oils would be suitable, neither mentions ACEA C2 so I'm a bit reluctant to use them just on the off chance Ford could see it as a way of invalidating the warranty. Looking through the various Ford websites doesn't list any SAE 5W-20 at all.

So, as per the subject title, I could do with a bit of advice on which oil to use.



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2 hours ago, Bobr said:

Why not go to your dealer and buy the oil of them.   That way they couldn't invalidate the warranty.

I suppose I should really. I'm curious about the A1/B1 versus C2 as much as anything, plus being a bit of  scrooge :smile:  The dealer's price is a lot more expensive than I can get it online.  But, as you say, it is one way to be sure.

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whilst not specific to that car, I noticed on saturday that Asda have Castrol magnetec 5w/30 (and other grades that I cant remember) on offer at 22.75 for 4 litres. This is cheap for magnetec.

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12 hours ago, vwlowen said:

It's inevitably using a small amount of engine oil while it's still new

Sorry no help on your question but I'm curious about peoples experiences with new engines.

I've had a number of cars from new over the years and all the owners manuals mention keeping an eye on the oil levels during the run-in period as there may be increased oil consumption.

Maybe I've just been lucky but I've never had a car that's used a drop of oil.

Got my ST-Line fiesta in October 2016 and have checked it regularly since day 1. Was exactly on the max level from new and stayed there until the oil change at the first service at about 8700 miles

I checked the level after the service and it was about 1mm from the max, I left it for a few days to settle down and checked again and it was still at about 1mm from Max. I added a drop of the recommended Castrol oil and got it back to the Max line again and it's been there for about 9 weeks now. I don't expect it to move at all based on my previous experiences.

The last car I owned that used any oil was a 2nd hand MK1 Golf GTi 1800 and that was only after about 180,000 miles on the clock, up until then it too never used a drop between services.




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Yes, I suppose I used the word "inevitably" more as it's folk law than it being borne out by my personal experience.  My last car was a 17-year old Corsa B (bought from new) and that rarely, if ever, needed topping up between oil changes.  The tiny amount my Fiesta oil level has dropped could even be due to the colder weather causing slightly less oil to drain back into the sump (possibly!).

For my Fiesta, I've bought a litre of Mobil Super 3000 5W-20. It says Ford 948B on the label so that must be ok to use.  

I'm just still curious why the handbook specifies ACEA C2 when all the "Ford 948b-compatible" oils specify ACEA A1/B1.    From the little research I've done,  A1/B1 relates to engine efficiency and fuel economy  for petrol/diesel while ACEA C2 relates more to a diesel engine's particulate filter... Why Ford specify that for a petrol engine will probably remain a mystery :unsure:

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my old 2007 fiesta 1.6tdci has not been topped up between oil changes. Now owned by my brother, I looked at the oil in it last weekend and it was getting near the lower mark, but it has not had oil added in 29k miles (car is on 159k).  he keeps talking about changing the oil but never quite gets round to it. But due to thread problems the sump plug was glued in by me with araldite so it won't be straightforward.   He got it MOT'd today so he says he can now focus on the oil change - but it might still never happen.

(He knows these engines are famous for turbo failure due to oil sludge etc but he's keeping his fingers crossed)

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