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DRL's on Mk 3 Focus

Phil 3747

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Okay, so I've had my '63 plate 1.0 Ecoboost for around a month now and am considering some DRL's for it and am wondering what the options are ??

I see that the Mk 3.5 (?) comes with them as standard (I think ??) but have also seen some Mk 3's with them on as well and am wondering if they were a factory option and can be retro fitted ?

My previous motor was an '09 Mk 2 Octavia vRS and I put some Philips DRL's on that which I was happy with...see pic below.

I know the Mk 3 has a canbus system (as did my Octavia)  so am wanting something that is compatible with that, obviously.

Can the front fog lights be adapted to DRL's as I think this could be an option as I'm not keen on the likes of these...


I prefer the look of these, I think..


but they are American and no longer available anyway !!

I don't want to spend a lot (up to £70 or £80 max ?) so am wondering what is available ??





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Ive got these and i do like the look of them but obviously not to everyone's taste.. If i didn't have those i would have replaced the headlights to include them


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Hmm...not a fan of those TBH...I did wonder if it was possible to retrofit the newer headlamps with integral DRL's ???

If so, is there any additional wiring required or would it just need some canbus settings changing ??

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The only LED DRLs on the MK3 (pre facelift) are part of the bi-xenon headlights, so really not a straight forward swap.

The ford approved DRL accessories are similar to the picture above, but the LED strip is positioned horizonally at the bottom of the two triangles.

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These are the Nolden DRL lights that are sold as an official accessory from Ford. The price is quite normal for the Nolden DRL lights.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ford osram drl

Next to the Nolden DRL kit Ford also offers a kit of Osram combined DRL/fog lights.



It is just a matter of taste but I personally prefer the vertical DRL lights inside the front bumper triangles.



I have these DRL lights for almost 3 Years now without any problems. The ones I have are really good quality.


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