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Indicator cancellation point


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Since my last Ford was the superb mk4.5 I've a question to ask and I hope many replies from other models/cars will be posted.

Has anyone noticed that if they're indicating right and for what ever reason they steer left (turn steering wheel 90° or more) that the indicator turns off. Same as in indicating left and turning the wheel to the left.

It's a roundabout scenario.

Thanks in advance.

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For what it's worth, my MK5 Mondeo has the best indicator behaviour out of all the cars i've experienced thus far in that it behaves how I want it to when using roundabouts.


Example scenario:  approach roundabout and indicate to turn right, you then turn left slightly to drive onto the roundabout and proceed to go around it to complete the turn all the while with the indicator still going, and not cancel itself once you did that initial left-turn to join manoeuvre.  My father is always commenting on how his Hyundai would have cancelled itself after the initial joining of the roundabout, whereas my Mondeo does not.


There are times when it will cancel the indicator when I don't want it to, but these instances seem few and far between.

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