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Fiesta mk8 wind deflectors


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38 minutes ago, Danielryan said:

Has anyone found any wind reflectors for the mk8?   

Climair make them. They're the ones Ford sell as approved accessories. 

I don't know if Heko have brought out mk8 ones yet, but they are the other popular brand. 

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Have bought full set of climair via Ford dealer. Fitting front ones no problem. Back ones proving a problem as instructions on fitting supplied clips not very clear. Waiting or warmer weather before having another go at them.

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9 hours ago, Darren-mk8 said:

I've heard a few bad things about wind deflectors on the mk8. Issues with the windows not going up/down. Has anybody experienced any issues with them on their mk8?

Not sure if it’s related, but I had a common issue with my mk7’s and VW caddy when the windows would automatically come down when first fitted.  Easily overcome by resetting the windows (hold the switch in the up position iirc).  You are also supposed to leave the window closed for 24 hours to let them bed in which a lot of people don’t seem to do!

Having used Heko on a number of cars I wouldn’t buy anything else other than climair personally.

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