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More top notch diagnosing by Kwik Fit.


If someone asks why you think Kwik Fit is a waste of time, just show them this article and I'm sure it will put them off.

It's one thing saying the AC compressor is bad when it's perfectly fine but it's a whole different story when there isn't one to go wrong in the first place.

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1 hour ago, Incontro said:

Why didn't the student 'know' in the first place that her own car doesn't have air conditioning? lol

It seems common sense isn't that common with (sadly) my generation of people. Unless you've had the car for 30 seconds, I'm pretty sure you would spot the button that said AC, even in a crummy French hatchback. Even then you should've taken it for a test drive and made sure the AC works. The first thing I do before setting off on a test drive is turn the AC on for the whole journey.

I guess that's what she gets for leaving the kitchen :wink:

I would have loved to see what would have happened if they said go ahead with the work and Kwik Fit tried to replace this non-existent AC compressor. They'd probably change the power steering pump and fill it with refrigerant instead of power steering fluid.

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My previous car (Peugeot 107) had the same layout and engine as that Citroën C1. Has the exact same interior and the Toyota aygo shares the same layout and engine. In the centre console there is the hazard button and between that is the rear window demister on the left and on the right would be the AC button. On these cars it's an optional extra for AC so if the car didn't have AC that button would be blank. Actually changed the water pump on that car when I got it as my dad changed it on a few of his friends Peugeot 107s

Honestly you do need to get to know your car. What would happen if you got a punctured tire? 


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