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TomTom Live Traffic Issue Since New SIM

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I've got a TomTom Via 52 sat nav, about a year old now.

On longer journeys I use the live traffic on it, which works via bluetooth to my Android phone and then through data to collect the info.

This worked fine on my old SIM, but I had to change it a few months ago as the previous tariff was cancelled.

With the new SIM on another network, the sat nav will not pick up traffic info through data.  The phone connects to bluetooth fine, and picks up traffic info through WiFi at home, but just not through data.

I've got bluetooth tethering and WiFi hotspot switched on, and a good 4G signal.

I'm told tethering should work through this SIM and have also asked the same question on the O2 forums, without a solution so far.

Sorry for the long post...but does anyone know what I could be doing wrong here?



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