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  2. There will be codes, but you'll need a code reader to access them. It will be an investment for you to buy your own, rather than pay a garage to read and reset them for you. You can get a dependable one for under £20 from Tunnelrat electronics, (see their website) theyre UK based and you can email them for advice to help you choose the right one for you..Only then , when you've got codes, can we have any idea what's upsetting your mota.
  3. That's the earliest Fiesta Ecoboosts. Rusty coolant pipes in the turbo are possible. Also there's a coolant hose that that has a metal part inbetween rubber hoses. They metal part can get rusty and break. In newer Fiesta Ecoboosts there is just full rubber pipe.
  4. I always renew the nuts and bolts for peace of mind..They aren't expensive (if you want the part numbers, look on for the finis codes.) They're probably locknuts, which my Haynes manual always say to replace. But it's your call...
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  6. The that car could be one of the affected ones, it's the right age, but it should have been fixed. Ford fixed them all for free so the only reason it will still have the problem is lazy ownership, which could mean general maintenance was also not kept up with. Ask the garage to find out for you, and don't buy it if they can't give a definitive answer because, well, they should be able to find out with it being such a big safety concern.
  7. Can't forget this weird concept thing from 2014, no idea on the context of any of it but looking at it now, it kinda was ahead of its time, as weird as it may look. 😅
  8. Hello guys! I am looking for your advice on finding a garage that can look at my Ka's Ac system. I did go to a garage in Chester 1 month ago with the issue of a non running AC pump and they regassed the system which allowed the compressor to work,and all was good. Unfortunatly I think I have a leak in the system because about 1-2 weeks ago the AC started to become weaker and weaker until it stopped working completely. I would be really interested in your recommendations as I don't want to just pick another random garage of google that will just recharge my AC and call the job a goden. Thanks in advance, Florin
  9. Not heard that in years!!! Pretty sure I've got the single somewhere 🤔
  10. bought a 1.6 diesel. Month ago had no problems until today had mot and service before car was bought. Engine malfunction light appears cant clear it using the break and accelerater and done self diagnostic and no dtm codes . Any ideas thanks in advance
  11. Went to see this one today - it's definitely lived a life and not been well looked after. Even had some paint flaking off the front bumper. Came close to putting a deposit down on this too: It actually looks a lot better in person and it drove way better than I expected it to - the Ecoboost engine is massively more responsive than the standard Zetec! The price looks about average for the age and year - certainly can't find anything cheaper that has such a low mileage and the dealer has a good reputation around here (much better than the main dealers anyway). The insurance cost is the same and there'd be no tax to pay, as @statts pointed out. The only thing holding me back is that it's one of the earlier Ecoboost models and I've heard horror stories about them overheating etc. Anyone had any bad experiences with the 2013 Ecoboosts? Anything I should look out for?
  12. I'm probably not explaining the issue very well, so here's what the website is showing me (I've cut off the top part with my VIN).
  13. 2013 Ford Focus se 78k. Gonna do the front lower control arms. I notice in the Chilton manual they want you to use new bolts for mounting. Has anyone reused them without issue. I’ve done it on a Honda CR-V and there was no prob. Just curious thanks
  14. Thanks. Settings tells me I'm running software version 3.0 and maps 6.1. The problem is that the Ford webasite is telling me I need to update the software before it will let me have the new maps, but the file it is offering me is invalid. So I'm stuck.
  15. Hi all, Me again. So I know I don’t have the LED lights in the car, I only had the halogen (I changed these for LEDs). However. I was getting the car cleaned and noticed when they was in the car and moved it, one side lights dimmed and one got brighter. i didn’t think the edge came with any adaptive lights unless you got the LED ones?
  16. Hi. I have just bought a 2015 Fiesta Ecoboost and I have a query regarding the engine coolant light in the dash display. The light is on permanently and the manual says it is supposed to go off. The garage where I bought it (not a Ford specialist) has checked the car thoroughly and says there is nothing wrong and that maybe the display is supposed to be on. Can anyone help?
  17. Thanks for replays I actually think 70% of people are good online or off!
  18. Hi, My Focus starts first time but when i go to pull away it will bounce and jump in first gear for a while, after i get to fifth it is ok but have noticed that at around 30mph it stutters and pulls back a bit, Green flag have been out but could not find a fault and my local garage have not been able to fix the issue, they said it may be the ignition coil pack, I have looked for the mass air flow senser but I think this model does not have one, any help would be great. Thanks Chris.
  19. Ahh! I must have misunderstood. I thought they all came with Cruise Control as standard.
  20. From SEAT website " Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV) In-between a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle and a full hybrid. A mild hybrid uses a smaller battery, and a motor generator that can both create electricity and help boost the engine’s output. Mild hybrid vehicles aren’t capable of all-electric propulsion."
  21. The recent update was for the Maps, latest is F9. Check the software versions in SYNC 3 settings.
  22. Hey peeps been busy over the weekend as I've been able to smartten up some bits around the car, I've been able to paint the 2 side plastics above the front wings aswell as the front wiper arms and the bit under the windscreen and also added the front strut brace back on to. I'm also looking to upgrade my front light to the rs xenons to and it would help alot if any one know wat parts I need or has a part list for putting them on a car similar to mine. I was also able to clean behind the rear lights as they were bad lol. Thanks tom l
  23. I'd guess the oil syphon pump has the same issue as the HP pump, designed to draw fluid, not air. You should be fine with the hand primer!
  24. Yes your right - but up to 3 years i'd still stick with the Ford dealer
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