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  2. To be honest I don't drive it that hard 90% of the time so the break in period was like normal driving for me for the most part. Most of the driving was varied speed with no long stretches at a constant speed/rpm, I made sure I didn't let it bog down under 1,500 rpm and I didn't go over 3-3,500 rpm for the first 1000 miles, so I think that's pretty much in line with the break in procedure? Hardly the end of the world but it's a little annoying when I see people with significantly higher values than me since I bought the car to be more frugal than the S4 on the daily commute. I'll just live with it and fingers crossed it improves as I put more miles on it.
  3. Thanks Tdci-Peter, I suppose the next step would be to swap cylinder 1 injector with cylinder 4 and see if the fault code moves across to that cylinder? that would diagnose a faulty injector or point towards a wiring harness issue (short/break) if the fault stays put. Are the focus injectors coded in position?
  4. Two types of turbo were fitted to this car, a wastegate and a VNT type. The vnt turbo type has the intercooler bypass system this car don't have it.
  5. Have you tried adjusting your current As-Built?
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  7. Last week I had the spark plugs changed,and some cylinder to do with that. As the car wasn’t accelerating and very jumpy. This problem with the jingling noise had been happening before that started. He said he’d fixed the noise,but obviously hasn’t. I’m in Spain,so it must have got lost in translation. I’m taking it back later today,but just needed some sort of idea. Thanks.
  8. Hi Luke Hello Luke, I've read something about an AS BUILT file for focus you posted here, do you still have it? can I get a copy? My focus SE 2017 came originally with an 4.2 screen, I've installed a SYNC 3 unit, and except for camera and GPS, everything else is working perfectly. Already checked all the connections and the only hope for me is a AS BUILT file compatible.
  9. I can't even see this "blue screen as if camera wasn’t there", the unit simply does nothing, no change at all, not even a flickering on the screen. Electrically, everything seems perfect, it is certainly a programming issue. I've already did some changes using forscan, but until now, nothing.
  10. Luke's APIM AsBuilt???? do you still have a copy of this file?
  11. My fiestas doing 14.6 MPG, count yourselves lucky 😂
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  13. I've followed exactly your instructions, the camera have been tested on another monitor and it works perfectly, the problem certainly has to do with APIM programming. Same for the GPS, I've made the connections soldering a y-splice, pin 2 to pin 16 and pin 3 to pin 17 but APIM still shows DTC, no gps antenna. I'm wondering, where could I get a VIN number for an APIM compatible AS BUILT file to replace mine and see what happens.
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    Also on my to do list.. Looking at the popular Hella options but unsure on the Supers vs Sharps or others.. Pretty sure the under tray needs to come off, theres a couple of vids on YT that offer up guidance- Unfortunately I can't get a good signal to be able to link you one at the moment!
  15. So I've bought a new radiator grill and lower grill for my MK2 focus. I know how to disconnect the bonnet release mechanism but not sure how to remove the flip over cover (emblem). Can anyone help? Many thanks Alex
  16. Thanks, when you say thermal sensor, do you mean the item that is mounted below the rad and has a coil on it (resistor I call it).If so, this item has failed but when it was bypassed temporary, it still did not work the fan ,I thought the relay that controls the high speed of the fan was not wired through the thermal sensor?.The aircon did work all along,I just wanted to check which relay that activated with the aircon, so I pulled the relay under the glovebox, afterwards the fan failed to operate.The fan and aircon will work now, but with the blown 40amp fuse bypassed.Of course, this fuse will have to be changed, but this is the reason why the fan failed just how it blew in the first place.
  17. I would say if they replaced the TCM module and can not read any stored fault codes it could be that the TCM may have a programming (options) error or it needs to be reset after it was programmed. lf it was programmed without hillstart option that would explain the fault. Take it back as they need to check these things
  18. This one?- You need the radio's serial number (on a sticker on the radio casing) so the radio needs pulling out to find it ( unless anyone can recall if the serial is avavailable via the hidden diagnostic menu?? ). Then either try a dealership or here- Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  19. Find a council MOT centre. They have to be open to the public and most often don't carry out any repairs. This means there's no reason to fail it on something that doesn't need doing so that they can make easy money.
  20. Anyone tried active park assist on 3.4? Screen is all okay until the camera kicks in then the writing disappears off to the side
  21. Have a read through this lot, it might help you out a bit and was the problem with the flooded footwell on our Focus. Page 6 onwards 👍
  22. What sort of journeys do you do? I’ve heard the torque converter auto box in the Fiesta does compromise the fuel efficiency a little but 160 to a tank is still shockingly low.
  23. How do I sort my problem. I have a 2003 1.2 fiesta and the air vents on the front of the dash dont blow out any air the only part it blows on is the screen.
  24. Can anybody help in have a 2012 mondeo business edition and don't no what sat nav radio it has. I need the code for the stereo but don't no where to start as there are so many different code names for these things. It says on top of the radio ford hs mca dab followed by c7e3f0962c0789446 and on the right hand side alert cd car a12587524 and under that alert c car a12587569 if any body can help with model and hopefully code I would be extremely grateful thankyou kind regards John
  25. Did you look at the link I posted? It shows you how to get the bumper off and seal the vents.
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