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  2. I'm just going by researching m8 seemingly the Mondeo has 3mm so I assume with ford being cheap they would use the same in all. Best to open it up and see.
  3. Randomly my MK3.5 alarm started doing this tonight, no indicators flashing or anything. I could even drive the car with the alarm sounding and I have no idea why! ☹️ My key fob wouldn’t deadlock the car which normally means there is a door open, there wasn’t. I opened the bonnet and closed it again, just in case and that seemed to sort it, it hasn’t been opened for days now. I locked the car up and it hasn’t done it since - very puzzling
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  6. Although the MK3 is a little more refined, in terms of agility/steering feedback I'd take the MK2 everytime. (Unless I could have a MK3.5 ST-3 TDCi in "ASBO Orange") For Fiestas and Focus in particular, this forum is great, lots of friendly AND knowledgeable people that are happy to help out, rather different to sites like Piston Head which resembles a school playground but with adults doing the fighting!
  7. Yup, definitely make sure it's got 4GB RAM, that way you shouldn't have any problems running multiple apps at the same time.
  8. Cheers mate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I don't have auto climate on my Fiesta so can't help directly. If you dive down in the footwells there are removable panels that give some access behind the dashboard. If the actuator is on the left the glovebox is also easy to remove. This is a thread from a Kia forum that has pictures to show what the actuator looks like and possible location.
  10. Luke4efc

    esp fault

    Have you checked the battery?
  11. I take it it's not powerful enough to install windows 7? Windows XP is worthless for anything other then old and specialised software. The laptop isn't really worth selling so would strip it for bits. If you still want to spend a few hours of your time reimaging it, trying to find drivers (chances are 1 or 2 will have disappeared off the manufacturer's website) then go ahead lol. Torrenting and burning a .iso will be the quickest way to get it on a disk. Not sure how youd want to activate it though. The activation servers were turned off years ago. I used to have a stash of unused XP codes (from the bottom of old laptops after striping for spares), but got rid a few months after Microsoft ended support for XP. I'd never sell an XP machine now and would remove the HDD before throwing away so just use an activation tool (shhh😂). Either that or find an unattended XP installer. Like what they use in schools to reimage all the PC's overnight with a click of a button. Most importantly, no key required. Good luck with that Haha, they're probably like gold dust unless you're a computer tech.
  12. Hi Wayne No problem JohnH did a how to guide very easy to follow will be glad to help I follow his guide easy mate I did get my leds from crazyleds fast service I use a marker to mark which leds to change and pretty straight forward cheers Alan Reply to this to
  13. I don’t like the sight of blood either, and apparently my dad fainted on the first day of his medical course so I guess it runs in the family! I’ve been cooped up indoors last 2 days with flu, which is bad as I’m supposed to be preparing for an assessment on Wednesday and I’ve got bad cabin fever now as well!
  15. Andy138

    esp fault

    hi while driving i heard a bleep and noticed the red battery light and the amber esp light came on , any idea why that this is
  16. I'm curious about RPM's, I have a 2016 Ford Fiesta and it idles cold at about 1100. After it has warmed up, it will idle between 8 and 900 rpm's. Normal? Just curious. Thanks!
  17. Apart from the other little issues, got to say I am loving driving this, now its so smooth, and comfortable, defiantly see this being the first of many, granted its a 2008 but i would love to be in a new one someday, Fingers crossed, Again thank you guys, i'm loving this community already, you have been so helpful and put some good cases / ideas forward that has pointed me in the right direction 😃
  18. That really is funny as on my birthday I was using a bread knife to cut an onion and the knife went quickly through the onion and I moved the knife back and forth without realising I was cutting into my finger. I just was staring at the cut whilst my mum was doing something and for the first time I noticed I started feeling dizzy and I was loosing vision. I quickly went upstairs and got my alka settler bottle as my stomach began to get bloated. When I told my mum about it she said that's signs of fainting. She then kept saying that my sister is stronger than me 🤣. Found it a scary and odd experience as I see a lot of blood when I play games.
  19. Hello Tekman I would like to change the colour of my instrument cluster aswell. Would u be able to tell me how u did it. I have the MK2 focus Ghia hatchback on a 56 plate. A few things I done to the car I have retrofitted a few bits as well. Today I did the radio conversation to the round type. I also fitted heated leather seats which did not come with my car but the wiring was there because it was a Ghia . Also upgraded alloy wheels and I lowered it Also the lights Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I have to admit my mistake here, albeit an easy one to make that we’ve all done at some point I’m sure. I was looking right at a car out of shot which was approaching and left it late to indicate left. I did look ahead to check all was ok and observed the Mercedes clear the roundabout and that all was well or so I thought. Lesson learned about expecting the unexpected or in this case an absolute cockwomble on a bike.
  21. My 2014 Ka has recently been showing the wrong outside temperature, about 10 degrees higher than it should be! I know that the temperature sensor is on the underside of the passenger wing mirror. Does the whole mirror unit need to be replaced please or can I just replace the sensor? I can't find any helpful info on the Internet! Hope someone can help, thank you very much.
  22. Going to get the pumpkin 1 it's reduced from 300 to 270 at min on their website it's 4gb best 1 out there by looks of it
  23. Hi anyone help have a Ford Fiesta s 2007. My handbrake light turns on when I turn my wheel right when stationary. Breaks ok fluid to abs light on tried everything even diagnostics Nowt came up on that
  24. good point on the fuse try a different bulb may be a duff ☺️
  25. Thank you just replaced Citroen C5 that had 19 inch alloys - felt pot holes very badly Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  26. Just make sure you get the right model, the cheapo models either run on Windows CE (so no installing apps) or have low hardware specs i.e. only 1 or 2 GB of RAM, I tried the 1GB RAM unit and it choked, there wasn't enough RAM for MediaMonkey and Google Maps to run for longer than 3 minutes! My own fault for trying to get away with a unit that had similar hardware specs to a Samsung S2 from 2011!
  27. As a temporary measure couldn't you use outdoor sealant to plug the gap for the time being?
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