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Fiesta Titanium ecoboost

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I've just changed my '15 Fiesta for a '17 model (March), identical spec - Titanium Ecoboost but with a key start instead of power-button. I can't find the button to turn on the Ecoboost, on the '15 model it was next to the auto stop/start button but all that I have now is a blank. On the rear of the car is the plate stating Ecoboost, can anyone enlighten me on how to operate this or is it automatic on my car?


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EcoBoost is just the name of the engine, it's not an 'economy mode' that can be switched on and off.

I'm not sure what you were switching in the old car, park assist maybe, that's near the stop/start button. :unsure:


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Thanks both, I'm slightly confused because I had a button next to the auto/stop start on my previous Titanium and it was marked Eco. I could have the system on or off by using this button. What I have now is a car that states it's an Ecoboost with a plate on the back (same as my '15 model) but now I don't have the choice whether I want the system on or off. I searched on the menu in the dash and found Ecomode, this is just telling me how I score in gear selection, anticipation etc.

No worries, I'll call in at my local Ford dealer and have a chat. I hope I get the same worry free motoring with this one as I got with the previous one, shouldn't be too much too worry about with only 8,200 on the clock!   

regards to you both

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There were a few fiestas with eco button, my partner's 16plate titanium has it. It was used to reduce performance therefore supposed to improve fuel economy. Yeh right! Only seemed to be on certain model age range  and not all. 

So basically you haven't got one and when you did have it ,it didn't make any noticeable  difference. 

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