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adding an AUX to my 2001 ford

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hello, I have recently got a 2001 ford fiesta freestyle and I'm trying to add an aux cable without having to change the stereo system altogether and I am wondering if this is possible. I have had my stereo out and the only free space in the back that i can see is for the CD changer so no luck there. Any help with this will be great thanks.  

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There is a way.

If you have a radio unit that says 6000CD on the front of it, that means you have a plug socket in the back which is meant for the CD changer. In my old Focus I had this socket and was able to buy (for £25 online) a device that "tricks" the radio into thinking it is connected to the CD changer when it is really connected to your phone via AUX.

The box I bought was this one:


If you don't have this radio, you could always buy a second hand one off eBay (I believe the Fiesta and Focus have the same size radio slot).

Apparently it is also compatible with the following: 4050, 5000 RDS, 4600 CDR, 5000 RDS EON, 6000 CD RDS, 6000 MP3, 7000 RDS. However I have not tested these.

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