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Transit connect 2014 spare wheel fitting kit


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Hi all, last week I got my hands on a 2014 Borneo connect and I love it. 

What I don't love is the lack of a spare wheel. I've found the kit and the wheel and that's not expensive. What I can't find is an instruction or estimated cost for the fitting of the spare wheel system. Has anyone sorted this before themselves?

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Not sure if this is helpful but I figured out a much simpler to my lack of spare wheel on my tourneo connect:

Buy a ford space saver spare (with correct 5 x 108pcd) along with ford Jack & wheel brace (eBay about £30)

Get a M8 x 100mm screw & locknut plus 2 large washers, install into the slotted hole in the well with thread downwards. No need to jack up vehicle, plenty of room to crawl underneath

Get a 100mm laser cut disc 6mm thick and a 7 lobe M8 female knob (£4 & £3 off ebay)

Put the spare wheel. inside facing down, centrally over the m8 threaded screw (I used a jack to hold it up)

Put the disc and lobed knob onto the threaded screw & tighten up hand tight to hold the spare up

Done! Admittedly you will get your trousers dirty when you want to release the  spare BUT you will get home

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