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A Moan !!!


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Hi All 

I have mudflaps fitted to my Mk5 .

I noticed yesterday the nearside front kind of just hanging off.

I assume the biblical floods of water lying around up here or the potholes have almost ripped it off.

Its only getting held on by one clip now. 


So easy fix i thought .....

Called my nearest dealer .... ah yes we can get those clips , about £1.50 each but you'll need to buy 50 ....... minimum order of 50 lol.

Tried the next nearest dealer .... same story but minimum order of 100 .....

After a long search with the part number the guy gave ( 4125817 ) me i have managed to order 5 ...  at least i hope they are the correct ones.


Question is though what do body shops etc do when they need them ... do they have to order 100 at a time .

How can it be so difficult.


Slightly ***** off lol 




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Those clips are used on loads of modern Fords, bulk buy isn't an issue for bodyshops.  

I've also got loose flaps on the Focus, the clips kept popping out and the plastic had worn away where I keep pushing them back through the bodywork.  Bodged them back in with some random clips I'd saved from a previous car yesterday so will see how long that lasts.

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I just wonder what Ford would do if i put the car in for them to sort like some old woman who wouldn't know any better.
How much they'd rip you off to fix it if it's a bulk order of 100.
Probly £200 for a bag of clips and then an hours labour on top.

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