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Hi all, new to the forum , 2nd ford owned, 1st one a cmax, went wrong on a daily basis ended in a new engine on warranty but still went wrong , so was slightly cautious when buying another ford, this one is a 2009 1.6 tdci, only a run around until the house is sold , well pleasantly surprised , a couple of issues though , when pulling off the sellers drive the engine malfunction light came on,  it hadn’t the previous day on a test drive but the seller had put some sort of cap over the fuel filler as he or I didn’t realise there is no cap, he was worried about water getting in as he washed it , I drove it home , about 25 miles and think now it was in limp mode, no lights to say though but wouldn’t rev over 3k but was fine once Home and left and restarted , not been on since , a week now , 2nd issue is a slight knock when accelerating and a slight knock when braking only one knock though , track rod end or ball joint ? It was mot’d the morning of buying it with no advisory’s, 3rd, paint going on both sides of the boot bar / handle ?? Is this common ? Also when it’s finally repainted is there a anything that can be done to prevent it again ? I’ve been told it’s caused by flexing when opening the boot?? Other than the I’m pleased with it , performance seems good for a small engine , oh and it’s a one owner,  fsh, with 118,000 on the clock oh and is there a better radio upgrade? Would have liked bluetooth and or DAB  but keeping it Ford etc . Any help , advice greatfully appreciated. 

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@dave65 You can test the track rods and ball joints buy jacking the car up, place a bar ( trolley jack bar if you use 1 ) in-between the gaps if they move quite easy then there buggerd as they should be quite stiff also check the anti roll bar drop link same procedure, but if the ball joint moved down wards then it's the hub not the ball joint. But if it's the hub you should hear that on every bump

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