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Focus TDCI 1.6 Cutting out at 3000 revs stationary / 2000 revs moving!


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Hi everyone,

So here's the story;

About a year ago, I took the car for it's MOT and when I picked it up, the fuel gauge was broken. I went back in and reported it - the guy said it was a coincidence.

I finally got time and motivation to take a look at it; I cut a hatch, unscrewed the tank cap, took the sender out, identified a clear and easy problem (broken wires on the sender) and fixed it. I put it back in, screwed the cap, put everything back, tried the car and everything worked! Great! I didn't even have to prime it.

A few days later, probably 50 miles later, the car started cutting out whist driving - it appears to be like a stall, the engine shuts off but all electrics seem to stay on. I was thinking that it would just be some air in the fuel lines and that it would bleed itself. I kept driving it and it got worse. I kept driving it around so that I could diagnose the problem, and I've identified this:

I can replicate the problem when the car is still by revving to 3000rpm. 

When driving, I can replicate the problem by exceeding 2000rpm in any gear.

I've tightened the seal around the tank and the problem still persists. I've checked and cleaned the EGR and the problem still persists. The fuel filter is around 2 months old, I replaced it when I run out of fuel near home one time.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? Thanks, Antony...



Forscan says:

Code: P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Ash Accumulation

Code: P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low

Code: P1180 - Fuel Delivery System - Low

Code: U1900 - Missing Message for Engine Speed

Code: U1900 - CAN communication bus fault

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Did you ever solve this problem? I’ve just brought a focus and it’s got the same problem but didn’t happen when it went for its mot. 

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