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Need help emptying Mk1 focus fuel tank.

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Hello,  Rob here, I'm new to the group & need some help.

I recently bought a 2016 focus to replace my aging T reg focus td which has a multitude of problems.   It has a full fuel tank which I am reluctant to give to the breakers yard since I will be getting hardly any money for it anyway.   I was trying to siphon the fuel out of the tank, but can't seem to get anything out.   I push the tube down the filler cap but I'm not sure that it is getting into the diesel.   Is there a filter or something that os preventing me getting the siphon ppe in the fuel ?  Can someone give me some tips please or a way to do this.

Thanks in advance




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Maybe has anti-siphon fitted stopping you from removing the fuel from the filler cap.

You could try removing one of the fuel pipes and putting the end into a container. Then run the fuel pump to drain everything out.

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Thanks for the response Luke.

I can get about 2 feet of hose down the filler tube, but when I pull it out it's not wet.  i.e it doesn't seem to have been dunked in the fuel.  

I'm not quite sure where to hook up from the engine bay to drain using the fuel pump.   The pump is in the top of the tank & is not accessible without dropping the tank which I don't have the facilities to do.

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Under the car or under the bonnet. Where the plastic fuel line joins the metal fuel line. Between the tank and the engine (but before the injectors). Where is the fuel filter? That could be a possibility. 


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