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62 reg 2.2 TDCI Engine Surging

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Saturday 05/05/18 I serviced my brakes used the car most of that day ran fine come Monday 07/05/18 I noticed a slight surging when holding the throttle steady (i.e. 3rd gear doing 30mph), and it is gradually getting worse especially in mornings. I have no EML on or anything? I want to try and get on top of this before something expensive happens. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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Does the car do regular long trips?  Mine surges lightly quite often but I can't find a cause.  However it starts surging very noticeably when it needs a DPF regen after several short/town trips.  It's back to normal again after the DPF regen is completed.

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Filter was done last month and had a long trip run to the coast and back 2 weekends ago. Could possibly do with another run. It was suggested that the fuel injectors could possibly be contaminated. Is it worth running a cleaner through then? I always use vpower fuel.

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Just to update you guys I came across the issue as to why I was having a surging problem. I had an EML come on at the weekend and the images can tell you as to why it cam on. After a  heavy bill from Ford for the replacement intercooler hose, I put the new on and it is as good as new now. Appreciate all the suggestions and advice given previously. 



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