Smoking with glow plug light flashing

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Hi new here and looking for some advise

my 2007 Mondeo 2.2 tdci ST broke down I had the fuel pump changed the injectors changed and the injector rail, plus the glow plugs, since I have had it back it’s a nause to start smoking white smoke, and the glow plug light is flashing and it keeps going into limp mode this only happens on cold start and once the engine is hot doesn’t have any issues, anyone know what could be causing this, the car has been to ford and no codes found, there is no PCM update available, and help would be great?????

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I would be thinking there is a glowplug problem. I don't know how easy it is to get to them. I would be checking the connectors on them to see if all connected. Also checking there is voltage to each of them when turning ignition on when engine cold, and also maybe taking the connector of each one and checking the resistance/ continuity of each glow plug.

It sounds strange for there to be no fault codes stored if it goes into limp mode. 

You can easily get a code reader for under £20 (A ford modified one with an extra switch added) and free software to read codes yourself. Of the type where you use phone or laptop to view the results. I use a usb one to my laptop. The software is better if you use a laptop than a phone .



this company has been recommended loads of times on fordownersclub forums, mine came from here. I am not saying they are the cheapest but I preferred to get one on a recomendation than chance a cheaper one

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What was the reason for changing all those parts? Or was it just guess work? 

Were the parts fitted by a garage?

my only experience with these engines (having owned mine for 7+ years) is that white smoke on cold start was down to worn injectors. This would clear after 2-minutes of idling and the car would perform flawlessly for the rest of the day. 

I know of guys who have fitted injectors to engines which need coding but they never have and they have never had any issues but I’m going to ask anyway, have your new injectors been coded to the ecu? 


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