Jamie Tees

Help with windows (going nuts)

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Hi guys,

So my central locking was not working fully, the rear drivers door did not want to lock or open the windows. I replaced the door module. 

At first everything was fine, bar the fact using the drivers side door to push the switch down harder to auto open / auto close. That door. Okay I thought, maybe a bad switch on drivers door. But then it started working after a bit of fiddling with the controls. Now I'm having an issue after this. 

For some reason the drivers door (didnt touch the module in this) will not auto close (but will auto open) by pushing /pulling the switch harder. And for some reason auto closing of the windows will not work properly now either. Strangely just that door that has a problem now.

Anyone seen this? Can I pleeassse have some help. My head is fried from this 😞

I've uploaded a video to google drive for you to check out to see the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LWG3D6khokYjnrvuq_FOtBSApHANxdk3


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