Rear door compatibility pre/post facelift

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The thread title says it all really, but for clarity:

My '54 plate TDCi has taken one too many knocks due to careless and dishonest people driving down my very narrow street (and one highly unfortunate incident with a very tight gate, for which I am entirely to blame) and I'm giving up on the rear nearside door as it has taken the brunt of the damage. I've found one that is the exact colour, in good condition, for very cheap - happy days! 

My only concern is that it is '03 (so I believe pre facelift, though I think the facelift was around this time?) and mine is definitely post facelift. I'm sure it will be fine, but just wondered if anyone was able to confirm before I drive out to get it. I do have a sneaking suspicion that the rear quarter window is different, but I would be delighted to be corrected! 

Many thanks in advance for any advice! 

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