Mk4 mondeo ecoboost engine failure

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Evening all. 

So after having the long term issue of my 12 plate mondeo ecoboost oil pressure sensor sorted - only took 3 months of being in the garage I have had the pleasure of driving it fault free for about 6 months... until 

2 weeks ago driving along the motorway, all oil and fluids were fine as I had checked them the day before, engine management light comes on. Pulled over within a mile to the services and called the AA. 

The fault they found was a misfire cylinder 1 and 3 so he had a poke around etc but could solve it. Swapped coil packs around etc and it still said cylinder 1 and 3. Towed it to the nearest warranty garage, they diagnosed it as coils packs and would replace... however phone call 3 days later to be told that the problem was still there, they have done a compression test - no compression in cylinder 1 and 3 fault being an internal valve  

They have said they will have to strip the engine down and if they can’t fix it - new engine! Thank my lucky stars for my other half nagging me to get the warranty! 

Anyone else had this issue? It’s a 12 plate on 55k. 

When this car works it is fantastic - not as much as my st220 mind  but when it doesn’t work...aaahhh!! 

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