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My Panther Black Mk7 Zs

Jordan ZS

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Hey everyone,

I've had my Mk7 Zs since November 09 bought it brand spanking new after my Mk6 was stolen. Havent really introduced myself so I thought i'd say hello :) just finished washing the car and gave it a polish so here are some pics of my baby. Hope you like :)

Specs as follows:

City pack (parking sensors and P/F mirrors)

Street pack (tints, 17inch wheels, ESP)

bluetooth Voice


Alloy pedals

Interior pack 1






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I saw one leaving Stevenage this morning, and the black is really growing on me.

Dint think they looked anything speacil as i like the way the black diffuser goes agaist the other colours of the car.

Totally blacked out ZS looks plush tho, not loving any crome unless there rims.

I like what matey did glossin up the grill, fogs and rear diffuser - ford should do that as standard.

I really want them wheels for mine now!

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Looking very Swish! I have the same car =] had an old Mk3 1.4 SI jumping into this made me fall in love with drving again. I know might be off topic but cant find anywhere information about diesel tuning boxes or any new info on dreamscience/bluefin. Does anyone know of any that work for the Mk7 i see them on eBay saying they work for the Mk7 but have they been tried?

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