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focus 1.6 2011 total shutdown& power loss

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Any ideas please...returning from a 50 mile trip, 3 miles from home ABS warning light comes on & at same time all dashboard warning lights and loss of power steering. turn engine off, will not re-start as battery flat.... AA recovery confirm battery flat & no charge from alternator, AA part recharge battery car starts ok & AA follow me to garage.  At garage next morning car starts & alternator putting 14.4 volts into battery.... in the absence of any other visible problem the alternator is exchanged..... A new alternator & two weeks later the identical fault re-occurs..... AA recovery to garage confirm less than 8 volts going into battery, does a limited diagnostics but finds nothing..... at garage this morning car starts and alternator functioning correctly....... I'm not particularly good with car engines & diagnostics so any ideas/help will be really appreciated. 

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These have a smart charge alternator so they don't deliver 14.4v constantly like a normal alternator would. 

Sounds like there could be an issue with the smart charge system.

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Thanks Tom,  appreciate the input, I'll mention it to the garage, in the meanwhile I'll sit here & watch the world zoom off for a good Bank Hol, lol.  

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