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Hi all hope someone can help me out here,

I am a new member so hopping to get to know a few of you.

I got a ford focus 2012 got it lastweek the bluetooth module was faulty on it when i got it.

I replaced it and its working ok.

my fault is there is no gps displayed on the screen.

i had the display out to check if there was an antenna installed in it. now i see that all the connecters all pluged no idea what one goes to the gps

its a BM5T-18B955-DC UNIT


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does it show on the screen "no gps" ? 

so all the plugs are inserted ok. go to satnav menu and check if any sattelites are being recieved. normally theres at least 5-6. 

scroll down to special functions, across to gps info, in there it shows how many sattelites. 

common issue is corosion in the antenna base. in that case easiest option is an afternarket gps module .

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well thanks everyone for your help what i have done so far is checked cabled all plugged in ok.

checked satnav menu and checked if any sattelites are being recieved.no sattelites all 000

i know its checking for them as message not coming up for about 2 mins.

i unpluged the base of the the antenna base GPS fault shows up within 1 sec.

so looks like this is the gps antenna.

new ford antenna bit costy any other one do??


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You could get a glass mounted one and stick it to the windscreen if you don't mind see a wee bit of cable and a clearish plasticy bit of tape.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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