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Clutch Replacement - Doable?


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I strongly suspect that my clutch is on the way out in my '54 TDCi. Idles fine, but very poor acceleration despite revs going up, and around 50mph in 5th the car jerks and hesitates, as if I was taking my foot on and off the accelerator. It really struggles to get past 50mph, even in 4th, though the revs keep going up. Feels to me like the clutch is slipping. I'm waiting on my diagnosis mate to come round and confirm, but if anyone can think of anything else it could be, please let me know!

Anyway, if it is the clutch, I would like to do it myself because I can't afford garage labour on top of parts, particularly as I should probably change the DMF while I'm in there. I might as well have a go because otherwise I'm going to have to get rid and buy another car on tick.

Speaking bluntly, how bad a job is it? I'm confident with tools, car parts etc., but what concerns me is that I don't have an engine support, impact wrench for stubborn bolts or torque wrench, and buying these things would clearly defeat the point of trying to do it myself. I will try to borrow things, but are there cheaper ways around these issues if I can't get hold of the proper gear? Time isn't really an issue, because luckily I'm off work next week anyway, so I can go steadily. But I don't want to have to be paying out for loads of new tools and things. 

Any help would be appreciated!

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I believe the subframe needs removed, it definitely needs taken off on the Mk4 and I think the MK3 needed it removed or partially removed. Not gonna be an easy job


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