Galaxy 2.0 TDci 180 cuts out

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Hi Gang

this is my first post

I am a chauffeur and have a 2016 2.0 TDci 180 PS Titanium X. She’s done 105,000 miles, ive had it from new and always serviced on time. 

 Its started cutting out under acceleration, usually on the motorway, around 2,700 revs. It’s been in to ford, and they do t know what it is. They said it can be a number of things and I’ll have to start buying new parts for it, so they can eliminate that thing. This seems a rip off to me, changing something that possibly doesn’t need changing. 

has anyone else had a similar fault


thanks in advance




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Hi just seen this but it looks like a fuel filter problem to me replace and see what happens it’s a cheap fix



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