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Ford mondeo 2.2 won’t start

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I have a Ford mondeo GHIA X 2005 2.2 tdci I was driving the car accelerating in 3rd gear as the car got to 4,000 rpm it cut out and covered both sides of the road in white / blue smoke the car bumped back up and ran very ruff with a lot of smoke and would start by the key if a little throttle was applied but once the car cooled down it with turn over fine with very little effort but will not fire or seem to make any effort to start. 

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Without the fault codes to point in the right direction, it could be anything, you need to get them read Forscan a free download http://www.forscan.org/download.html and you'll need one of these https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx and a laptop.

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I have got the codes and it seems to be the injectors I have some standard ones to try but does anyone have any ideas where to buy upgraded injections from? 

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