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MK3 focus low revs issues

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Car is 2012 zetec s. Had an issue with the car a few months ago whereby the inlet hose to the turbo popped off, and the eml came on. Took it to a non ford garage who put it back on and reset the light.

Ever since, the car hasn’t been quite right. It sometimes has a funny idle, it’s is low on power from a standing start, and sometimes wants to stall when moving in slow traffic.

Took it to Ford who said there are no codes and they couldn’t find anything wrong. ‘Apparently’ checked the pipework for leaks, but no joy. They gave the car back. They also reset any adaptations for running with it. There were symptoms before it popped off, so knew something was wrong.

Any suggestions on what to check? Have looked at the boost sensor, which looks clean (although nothing in there could get dirty). Will check and clean the MAF at the weekend.

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