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Russ 6334

Cossie coolant pipes?

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Hi all


i just bought my first cossie a low mileage K plate 4wd it’s been modified and about 350bhp


i noticed when tracing the lines it has a 12v oil pump however those lines go to a small tank which if you open has coolant in it not oil. The other side goes from radiator  and after the tank it goes to a mini inter cooler? But no drain line or return 


also so the turbo charger has hoses back to the coolant header tank? I thought turbos were oil cooled?


question is what is this oil pump for? Is it additional cooling for the inter cooler? Even though it’s coolant and also do I top up this tank or does it top up from coolant tank?


ive driven 400 miles in 2 days and it’s drank all the engine oil! Most of it pisses out the crank breather out the vent and back through the cabin ventilation!









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