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My Car's At The Crash Repair Centre Again


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Wow, I haven't been on in a very long time and this place has changed.

My Fiesta is at the crash repair centre again! It's only minor damage and probably just needs a respray and polish to the front wing and bumber. The accident was totally not my fault. I just joined a dual carriage way from a round about, got 50 yards up the road and a white transit van came out of a side road as I was going past. I got to the traffic lights up the road and pulled up besides him and he had his window rolled down. I shouted that your meant to give way, he then just shrugged his shoulders and wound his window up and drove of when the lights went green. I had my oldest brother in the car at the time so we got his reg number. The guy probably got a shock now from his insurance company.

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