Windscreen Wiper Chatter Screech

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Hi All

Foolishly i applied Rain-X to my windscreen.

Now my wipers are chattering and screeching ....

I have tried various ways of removing this awful stuff ... white spirit , potato , cif as recommended on the Rain-X website.

But this awful stuff still remains ..... I've spend well over £100 in the last few months on different blades but all exactly the same.

Currently using Bosch Aerotwins.

Im honestly at the stage where i want to smash the screen.

Ive not tried petrol but thats my next attempt to get it off. 

Blades work smoothly when using screen wash but if its just rain or water they chatter all over the place.

Never had a issue using Rain-X before but this is awful.

On a side note every website recommends 28" blades but they go off the top of the screen on my car strangely ... i have to use 27" or 26" blades.

Could my car have the wrong arms on it somehow ???

This is honestly making me dislike the car .....

Pics are 27 inch blades ... 28's go off the top of the screen but all wiper sellers argue mine needs 28's 😞



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Cerium oxide glass polish should remove the RainX.

Not sure what to say about blade length though I've had the same problem on other cars and had to buy shorter blades than recommended.

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Just tried another old wives tale with water and white vinegar .... made it worse if anything.

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Cif stainless steel cleaner .... no difference 😫

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