Mk3 2.2 TDCI starting issue

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My car has started with a bit of an intermittent issue. I had a spare key cut by Timpsons a while back. Only fairly recently has the Mrs started using it more because we have to share cars. It's the non-remote type. If I unlock the car with it, there's a binging sound and sometimes the alarm goes off but it normally starts no problem with it. But recently the alarm won't go off for a few attempts and sometimes it takes a few attempts to start (ignition comes on but engine just clicks but won't start).

And now if I use my normal remote key, it sometimes won't start for many attempts (no alarm or binging though).

Has anyone else experienced this and is it likely because I've used the key that was cut by Timpsons? I'm wondering if it's an imobiliser fault.

Thanks guys!

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