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Cambelt + Wet Belt (Belt in Oil System) replacement

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I could not find relevant info so posting on the forum. my 2008 ford mondeo has done 120,000 miles. It was booked in at the local garage for cambelt replacement for tomorrow but they came back yesterday saying that along with the cambelt I would have to replace the wet belt as well as my ford mondeo may have the belt system driving the injection fuel pump. Today the quote was updated again where they added gaskets, seals to the list. This is a local but reliable garage but the cost that I have been quoted is astronomical. Please could you comment if you feel these are in right sort of the range. 


1. Cambelt + Aux Belt = £ 363

2. Wet belt (belt in oil system) = £370

3. Gaskets, seals, etc for belt in oil system = £200


Total = £940

4. Wet belt tensioner, cam pulleys on aux belt, etc. = extra

Also, he said water pump on my car is not driven by cam belt so no need to replace water pump + anti freeze.


Do these costs look ok to you? Local ford dealer has quoted me £1800 for all these.





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Vehicle Year from registration details says 2008, so I am assuming it’s mk4. Is there any other way to find out?

Also, is wet belt replaced as a ‘kit’? wet belt tensioner does not come along with the kit? As I have been told that would be separate..


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Yeah, mine did have a wet belt. Went ahead and replaced cam belt + wet belt + aux belt + etc. After everything, the bill was £1043...

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