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Ford c max 1.8 tdci engine malfunction

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Hi guys I have a 2008 ford c max 1.8 tdci zetec ...so I was traveling at around 70mph on a local motorway and the car died no bang or black smoke just a message on the dash computer saying,, engine malfunction ,, the car now won't start it also will not turn over all I get is a  a click noise when turning the key to attempt the start but no start no turning over nothing just a click ... I have had the cambelt replaced (top) I'm just trying to get some advise to cheap repair myself before goin down the garage route of anyone has experienced this please help 😕 my cars done 103,099 miles 

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2 hours ago, Alexkey33 said:

Did you find out what it was? My cars had the exact same problem 

As Del says, when you get a click but no turn-over of the engine, first suspect is battery / alternator. Alternator failure can sometimes lead to no charging, without any warning light on, and when the battery finally runs out of juice, the car will just suddenly die. I have had this, in an older Sierra. Then it will not start.

If not that, and the battery is fully charged and in good condition, then you need to get a decent diagnostic reader, and find out what the message means. There are not many things that can cause the click & no turn-over condition.

A broken wire (one of the fat ones) between battery & engine / starter / alternator is one possibility.

Cluster problems and other CAN bus failures will cause the immobiliser to prevent starting, but there will be a flashing LED or message, and no click, if this is the case.

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What did the issue end up being with this? I have identical issue and being told that it's cambelt/shaft/seized engine so not economical to repair. Basically telling me to scrap car but I don't want to just scrap it lightly or waste any money on expensive investigations.

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6 hours ago, Alowen said:

I have identical issue and being told that it's cambelt/shaft/seized engine so not economical to repair.

To test for a seized engine, put it in 5th gear (assuming its not auto), then try pushing the whole car back and forwards as hard as possible while looking for the front wheel turning, or ideally looking under the bonnet down at a chalk mark made on the aux belt.

A better test is to raise one front wheel (chock the other), and turn it with a wheel brace or similar (in 5th gear). If the engine either does not move at all, or moves a little way then stops hard, it is wrecked!

If it does rotate, it is fairly easy to take off the cam cover. I think I released the big connector behind the cam cover (there is an M6 bolt in the middle of the connector, usually a 10mm a/f hex head), so I could lift the wiring up to remove the cover. Then you can see if the camshaft turns with the engine.

On a 2008 engine, there are two timing belts, failure of either will invariably totally wreck the engine beyond any economic repair. A second hand engine may be an option in that case. Don't change the ECU though, it is easier to make the ECU learn a new engine (of similar age) than to re-programme PATS and the other stuff.

My cambelt has been on for 9 years now (only about 60,000 miles though). I have just booked it in to change this afternoon, so I going to be biting my fingernails that it does not go in the next 2 weeks! Maybe improbable, but I have heard so much about a certain Law!...:ohmy:


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